Fine Artwork  
by Jean Bollinger
     Mr. Bollinger is a lifelong artist, born into a farming family with whom he learned an appreciation for the natural rhythms of life. Jean developed an artist's eye for keen observation and an ethic for work done well. He values faith and family with a reverence for those past generations whose lives we honor by giving our best.
    Jean is an"imaginero" with a gift for capturing the essence of his subjects. Mr. Bollinger began his studies in the Midwest,  with master artists in Asia, and in the Southwest continuing at Del Mar College and the University of Texas at Austin His career includes achievements in illustration, photography, book and graphic design 

   "Have a look at the studies on the following pages. My objective is to work with you to provide artworks which   will be treasured as an heirlooms, professionally rendered, and easily affordable."

  • Oil paintings
  • Pastels
  • Pencil drawings
  • Conte crayon
  • Pen & Ink
  • Acrylic

For a consultation you can reach me via Jean@jeanbollingerartist.com or fineart@jeanbollingerartist.com
Jean Bollinger, Artist

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